By now, you’ve probably heard that incredibly catchy tune by Ylvis entitled, “What Does The Fox Say?” I first heard this song at a University of Minnesota football game in September and was amazed to watch the student section go crazy. Fast-forward a month later, and my kiddos are all singing the lyrics…and we’re listening to this tune non-stop around our house.

This past weekend, while we were setting up for our worship service at church, our drummer stopped me and with a stoic face subtly asked, “Hey Erik! What does a fox say?” I immediately laughed because that song was rattling around in my head too, and naturally our production team sound-checked the speakers to that song prior to our normal Sunday morning worship run-through.

Maybe this song is new to you. If so, then give it a listen below.

This song got me thinking… I wonder if anyone has designed any “What Does the Fox Say?” t-shirts and sure enough, I stumbled across these…

6DollarShirts Fox T-Shirt

This 6DollarShirts Fox T-Shirt is only $6.00

BustedTees Fox T-Shirt

This BustedTees Fox t-shirt is $20

Abercrombie & Fitch Fox T-Shirt

This Abercrombie & Fitch Fox T-Shirt is $30.

Woot Fox T-Shirt

This Woot Fox T-Shirt is $15.

And in honor of foxes, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight one of my favorite fox t-shirts by Threadless.

Threadless Fox T-Shirt

This Threadless Fox T-Shirt is $19.50


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