My dream finally came true. I’m taking my family skiing at Whitefish, Montana over spring break a week from today. After a ton of research, I finally purchased several ski helmets, goggles and skull caps earlier in the week. But I totally just made a spontaneous purchase.

I wanted a new pair of sunglasses – something that was both cool looking but also polarized so I could I could reduce glare and see a bit better. After a quick Google search, I landed on Knockaround.com and started shopping through a variety of men’s sunglasses. Filter by best selling and 5 minutes later, I purchased a couple of their polarized “Classics” sunglasses for $20 each.

I was able to grab a 15% coupon code by coughing up my email address, but I can always unsubscribe later.

While I typically like to try on sunglasses before I buy them, I figured 511 5-star reviews were good enough for me. I’ll let you know how they turn out when they come in the mail next week.

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