I grew up loving him as one of the musicians in DC Talk. My kiddos only know him as TobyMac, although they do think Jesus Freak is an awesome song. While my youngest is more of a fan of TobyMac’s latest album, “Eye On It”, my oldest sons and I favor “Portable Sounds.”

If you follow professional baseball, most players have a walking out song that their home team plays as they head up to the plate. Granted, I have terrible baseball skills, but if I did, I would definitely consider Boomin’ or Ignition as my walking out songs. 😉

In our latest blog series, we have featured several artists from Forge Band Merch including Hillsong (United, Live, and Young & Free) and Jeremy Camp. This week we are featuring some great t-shirts for…you guessed it – TobyMac!

Forge Band Merch is offering several great designs featuring TobyMac’s songs Eye On It and Made to Love. In addition, you can pick up a TobyMac logo t-shirt for $24.99. Get them here! 

TobyMac T-Shirts by Forge Band Merch

Grab these awesome TobyMac t-shirts by Forge Band Merch for only $24.99!


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