I believe everything happens for a reason.

A couple of years ago, my 2003 Toyota Corolla was broken into while I was at the movies. The vandals made out with my GPS and my beloved 64GB iPod (yes, I own a lot of music).  Since I have an hour commute to work each way, I was pretty disappointed. Thankfully, I was actively using the desktop version of Spotify – the greatest streaming music service out there – and decided to sign up for their premium service. I have been a power user ever since…2 years and counting.

Because I am so brand loyal to Spotify, I wondered if they had any t-shirts I might be able to acquire. After a quick Google search, I ran across a few tees.

But first let me introduce you to the founders of Spotify: Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. In my search for Spotify t-shirts, I ran across this awesome photo on Billboard.com featuring Spotify founder, Daniel Ek and the renown Sean Parker. Naturally, I love Ek’s “Suits Suck” t-shirt.

Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, poses with Sean Parker.

Spotify founder, Daniel Ek, poses with Sean Parker.

Next, I discovered that Spotify has a very active online community. Not only that, but they reward their active power users who promote the Spotify brand and help other users. I mean, they REALLY reward some of their users. It’s impressive.  Just check out their Rock Star program to see for yourself.

One of their power users, a Finn who goes by the screen name of  hpguru, grabbed some sweet swag…or in his words “goodies” from Spotify by being an active member of their community.  Here are a couple of tees that Spotify sent him to thank him for his efforts.

Love Discover Share Music - Spotify T-Shirt

Love Discover Share Music – Spotify T-Shirt

Spotify logo t-shirt

Spotify logo t-shirt

I doubt I’m going to be able to post 4,000+ posts on their online community, but I’m definitely bound and determined to get a t-shirt someday.

A Spotify T-Shirt Update

1/8/2014: After linking this “Spotify T-Shirts” blog post on the online community forums out on Spotify.com, Rorey (an awesome community manager) for the company, asked me what my t-shirt size is and sent the following tee in the mail to me. Once I receive it, I’ll be sure to model it and post a photo of two of it on the blog.

Black Spotify Logo T-Shirt

Black Spotify Logo T-Shirt

Your Turn…

Have you stumbled across any Spotify t-shirts? If so, please post links to them below!


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