Stress happens. It’s something that happens to us on a day-to-day basis, and everyone deals with it in a variety of ways.

Unofficial Fact: Baby announcements can reduce stress and anxiety. Photo credit:

Unofficial Fact: Baby announcements can reduce stress and anxiety. Photo credit:

Call me strange, but I’ve been dealing with stress in a couple of polar opposite manners: baby photos and heavy metal.  I work in a marketing communications department with a lot of ladies who are just starting families. As a result, I’ve attended my fair share of baby showers at work and have accumulated a good number of baby announcements.

Babies are…cute, cuddly, soft, sometimes smell good, innocent (sort of) and bring joy into people’s lives. So when I receive these baby announcements from my colleagues, I’ve started pinning them up to my cubicle wall. When I feel tension and stress rising at work, I’ll quickly stare at these baby announcements and a calmness and a sense of joy and peace comes over me. I smile reflecting on the “big picture” – that work is work and Jesus and things of heaven are what my focus should be on.

On the flip side, sometimes babies just don’t cut it and you need something a little more caffeinated to release the tension. In those situations I’ve turned to a playlist I keep on Spotify entitled, “Songs That Make Me Want to Break Something.”

Here’s a running list of some of the songs that I find helpful to release tension and stress…especially if you sing or scream along to them.

Disciple – Dear X, You Don’t Own Me

Red – Let Go

Skillet – Savior

Thousand Foot Krutch – Fire It Up

Linkin Park – One Step Closer

Chevelle – The Red

But Enough About Me…

So…how do you deal with stress and anxiety?

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