I’ll admit this may blow up on me and backfire. But you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

A long time ago, I used to run a website that featured artist interviews and album reviews. I’m old (school) so it was before digital music, blogging and WordPress. Then we started our family (two for the price of 1 = twin sons) and I abandoned ship due to competing priorities. Now that my twin boys started their first year of college (go Iowa State Cyclones), I relaunched Lighten Up Gear with a renewed passion, vision and determination.

While I will use this blog to write about Christian apparel, faith stories, life at church and more, I want to use this platform to highlight and feature artists who are out there grinding in their careers.

If you are a Christian musician, artist, YouTube creator…whomever trying to promote yourself, a new song, a new album, a new series of artwork, your videos, etc. and are interested in working with Lighten Up Gear, let’s connect.

Connect with Us

I can’t guarantee how many people we’ll promote , for how long, and if I’ll get to your request, but let’s see what happens. Follow us and drop us a note through one of those channels and let’s get after it.

Grace & peace,

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