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Welcome to Lighten Up Gear, home to some of the funniest Christian t-shirts on the web. Not only that, but we have some pretty cool faith based tees too.

YHWH Lion T-Shirt

Introducing the YHWH Lion T-Shirt

YHWH is the abbreviated way of writing Yahweh – which is the holy name of God. Add a Lion and you have yourself a pretty awesome t-shirt.

He Must Increase T-Shirt

He Must Increase T-Shirt

This unique Lighten Up Gear t-shirt is inspired by John 3:30 which reads, “He must become greater; I must become less.”

Our Most Popular T-Shirts

YHWH Lion T-Shirt


YHWH is the abbreviated way of writing Yahweh – which is the holy name of God. Add a Lion and you have yourself a pretty awesome t-shirt.

God Wears Singlets Wrestling T-Shirt

God Wears Singlets

This shirt is inspired by Genesis 32 when God wrestles Jacob. Can you imagine God wearing a singlet…a one-piece, tight-fitting, spandex wrestling uniform?

Jesus. His Dad got Him the job. T-Shirt

Jesus. His Dad Got Him the Job.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with nepotism in the workplace, this t-shirt is for you. My buddy and accountability partner, PJ, gave this t-shirt idea for FREE. That’s how cool he is.

Holy Water T-Shirt

Holy Water

Whether you’re Catholic or not, you’ll appreciate this Christian-themed t-shirt entitled Holy Water. This simple design says more than you’re holy…it could argue you’re also a little thirsty too.


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