October Birthday T-Shirt

October Birthday T-Shirt

Scott, one of my best buddies, turns 40 today. If you knew Scott, you’d love him and you’d know that October 23 is a big day for him. He’ll even circle it on your calendar when you’re not looking. Since it’s such a monumental birthday, we wanted to give him something special. You see, he really gives thoughtful gifts when our families exchange gifts at Christmas time. While he gave us an Apple TV once for Christmas (which is a sweet present), the gifts that mean the most are the ones he makes with his own hands…pottery.

Side Note: Scott has a dream of creating and selling his own pottery so we registered Scottery.com last year. 

While I’ve given artwork to Scott in the past, I wanted to make something different for his birthday. So I worked up a few t-shirt designs and let my family vote. To the right is the t-shirt concept that won.

So if you have a birthday in October and want your own custom t-shirt, drop me a line and we’ll make you one.

And happy birthday, Scott!


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