When my wife and I first got married back in the mid-90s, I was a bit of a fanboy of the independent Christian music movement. I loved promoting and attending local shows in Minneapolis at The New Union (which later became 3 Degrees), meeting some of my favorite bands and artists.

Looking back, my wife was surprisingly supportive of my music hobby as evidenced by the number of musicians who stayed with us as they passed through the Twin Cities. Our local church was making an effort to reach the next generation so we launched a worship service geared toward Generation X and booked several artists to play shows with our small community. That’s when I met Eric Peters.

Eric is as genuine as they come. He’s got a heart of gold and his pores ooze creativity. And his wife, Danielle is as kind and talented as they come. As time passed and life happened, we lost touch over the years…but I managed to keep tabs on Eric and his family through social media.

Earlier this week, a Facebook post by the Rabbit Room stopped me in my tracks.

“In the tornado that ripped through East Nashville on March 3rd, singer-songwriter and beloved member of the Rabbit Room community, Eric Peters, lost his home. He, his wife, and their two children are all safe, but they have tough times ahead of them as they begin recovery.

In addition to the home itself, the outbuildings were also lost, including Eric’s art studio and his artwork. Eric operated Refuge Rare & Used Books from his home and that inventory also may be lost. Both the studio and the bookstore are important parts of his livelihood.

100% of the funds raised through this campaign will be donated directly to the Peters family.

Please keep Eric, Danielle, Ellis, and Monroe in your prayers.”

Then I read his account of the tragic event that devastated Nashville and the Peters family.

“My family and I are somehow alive and safe. We were inside when the tornado hit. I do not know how we are here. The moment I got to my 11-yo son and laid over him, the house exploded. We were 3 feet from the front porch window that blew into our faces. This is what we saw at first daylight on Tuesday 3/3/20. Thank you for your prayers. Hug your loved ones. Speak the words that you are proud of them are that you love them no matter what. Everything matters. @ Lockeland Springs, Nashville”

If you stumbled across this post and have a generous heart, please consider donating to the Peters family to help restore what was wiped out by a terrible tornado.


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