Ladies Christian T-Shirts

Introducing the ladies line of Lighten Up Gear Christian t-shirts

I have a confession. I will admit that once I started to see the finish line (the launch of Lighten Up Gear), I started sprinting as fast as I can.  With that said, I was so focused on getting the site up and running that I failed to add some ladies Christian t-shirts into the mix.  Thankfully, I have many considerate and opinionated friends who said, “Hey Erik! How about adding some ladies t-shirts?”

Thankfully, my printing and fulfillment partner, Spreadshirt, made it incredibly easy to reproduce the original men’s t-shirt designs on ladies t-shirts. About a half-hour later, we were up and running with some affordable tees for the ladies.

If you land on the T-Shirts page, it shows our entire catalog of Christian t-shirts. If you click on the “Product Category” drop-down menu you can select either Men’s or Women’s T-Shirts to make it easier to filter the results.

While I have a million different t-shirt ideas percolating in my head, I will be focused on refining the site the next few weeks. I hope to create a line of Christian t-shirts for children and babies as well as release a line of accessories in the near future. Meanwhile, if you have a specific request for a particular product, check out the Spreadshirt product line and let me know what we can do to help.

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