Back by popular demand (actually, we’re not really sure if you were a big fan of our previous post or not), we bring you… Jesus T-Shirts Part 2!  In our previous post entitled (prepare yourself for this one, folks), “Jesus T-Shirts Part 1“, we highlighted a few of our favorite t-shirts featuring our favorite person…Jesus. Here are a few more Jesus t-shirts we felt were worth sharing with you.

Abstinence Jesus T-Shirt by Snorg Tees

They say that abstinence is the only form of birth control that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy…unless you’re Mary. This t-shirt definitely made me pause and chuckle although I’m guessing the Catholic Church wouldn’t love this as much. But then again, I’m sure they have a good sense of humor too.

Abstinence T-Shirt SnorgTees

“Abstinence, 99.99% Effective” – Available by SnorgTees for $19.95

Hipster Jesus T-Shirt by Jesus Threads

I’m guessing that Jesus wouldn’t really need glasses so these would probably be an accessory to His outfit instead. Nonetheless, this t-shirt by Jesus Threads exclaims, “Jesus loved you before you were cool.” (Skinny jeans are optional when wearing this t-shirt)

Hipster Jesus by Jesus Threads

Hipster Jesus by Jesus Threads is available for $20

Jesus Dunks T-Shirt by Joseph Garcia (Threadless)

I love basketball and the NBA so this caught my eye right away. Forget Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Jesus could take them in a pick-up game of basketball any day. I could only imagine what kind of dunks Jesus could throw down.

Air Jesus by Threadless

Air Jesus by Threadless (Designed by Josephray) is available for $20

T-Rex and Jesus T-Shirt by 6 Dollar Shirts

Genesis 1:24-25 reads, “Then God commanded, ‘Let the earth produce all kinds of animal life; domestic and wild, large and small, and it was done. So God made them all, and He was pleased with what He saw.”  God made dinosaurs and could probably ride them if He really wanted to. I’m not sure it’s documented anywhere but I’m going to give God the benefit of the doubt. 😉

Jesus Riding a T-Rex by 6 Dollar Shirts

Jesus Riding a T-Rex by 6 Dollar Shirts is available for $6


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