Jesus Loves You (He just hates Comic Sans) T-Shirt

Jesus Loves You (He just hates Comic Sans) T-Shirt

We were blessed to be able to travel to North Carolina over Labor Day weekend to attend the wedding in the Greensboro area.  Any time I travel, I feel compelled to bust out some of my favorite t-shirts to see if I can elicit any responses from folks. This time, I busted out a new type tee from a new line/brand of t-shirts that I will hopefully be releasing sometime in the near future (stay tuned). I was pleasantly surprised at how many times I was stopped so people could read and comment on my t-shirt. Mission accomplished!

On Labor Day, my wife and I spent the day exploring Charlotte and spent an enjoyable couple of hours at the Billy Graham Library, which is definitely worth your time…believer or not. Since I knew we’d be flying back that day, I wore my YHWH Lion t-shirt that day. I think that because the design is so subtle and that most don’t know what YHWH means, I didn’t receive a whole lot of comments.  However, as we were finding our gate at the airport, I crossed paths with an older gentleman who had a simple “JESUS LOVES YOU” t-shirt. While I regrettably didn’t get a chance to visit with him, from what I could tell he was praying over the folks he was passing as he gave a friendly smile and nod to those acknowledging his t-shirt (whether positively or negatively).  I went back to find him to see if I could take my photo with him but he disappeared. Who knows…maybe he was an angel?  But I wished I was wearing my “Jesus Loves You (He just hates Comic Sans)” t-shirt that day.

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite t-shirt you wear when traveling? 🙂

Grace & Peace,

Erik Carlson, is the founder of Lighten Up Gear and Bald Tees. By day, he manages the digital marketing efforts of a large manufacturing brand. By night, he’s dreaming up shirt designs, playing the guitar and singing. And 24/7/365 he’s following Christ and loving on his wife and 3 children.

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