As a musician and worship leader, I’ve always respected Jeremy Camp and his music. I must have worn out my copy of his first album, “Stay” which had some of my favorite tunes on it including: Understand, Right Here and Walk By Faith. But I always loved his gritty, raw songs like Take My Life and Stay. However, my all-time favorite song is My Desire which was recorded on “Restored” and later on the “Live Unplugged” album.

Last week, I wrote about how I stumbled across Forge Band Merch who is distributing Hillsong apparel (Check out our previous blog post “Finally…You Can Buy Hillsong United T-Shirts“). But they are also working with some other great artists including Jeremy Camp…so I felt it was only appropriate to highlight some of their fantastic work for Jeremy Camp.

Below are 3 of Jeremy Camp’s t-shirts which feature song titles from his albums including: Walk By Faith, Overcome, and Jesus Saves. Grab them for $19.99!

Jeremy Camp T-Shirts | Forge Band Merch

Grab one of these fantastic Jeremy Camp t-shirts from Forge Band Merch for $19.99 – normally priced at $25.


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