About the only time I’m alone in my thoughts is when I’m either mowing the yard or riding my bicycle. One of those activities really fills me up and the other is a necessity (can you guess which is which?). Last summer while I was mowing the lawn, I stumbled across a song from one of my Spotify worship playlists by The Belonging Co entitled, “Holy (Song of the Ages).” And I immediately connected with the catchy song and its familiar but different chorus.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
You’ll find me singing worthy, worthy is the Lamb
Yes, You are, Lord

Recently, my home church introduced this song, and it immediately brought joy to my heart and brought me back to the time and place of me mowing the yard. Last year, I stepped out of the worship ministry for a few reasons but one of the big reasons was because of health reasons. A few years ago I developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is a fancy of way of saying blood clots formed in my leg from an injury of tearing my calf muscle (yes, it hurts as bad as it sounds).  Those clots eventually made their way to my lungs and caused a pulmonary embolism, which made it nearly impossible to breathe. Once diagnosed and treated, I learned that the pulmonary embolism caused an infarct of my lungs. My doctor explained my lungs experienced a bit of a heart attack which left parts of it dead.

Because COVID-19 attacks the lungs, I approached this pandemic with caution because the last thing I needed was to have my lungs get attacked again. So I partook in our online church for a long time and eventually returned last fall wearing my mask for protection.

I’ve never been very good at memorizing song lyrics so when I sang the lyrics of the bridge a few weeks ago, it really hit me pretty hard.

I won’t stop singing, I won’t stop singing
These lungs were made to sing Your praise
The heaven’s roaring, the earth resounding
As all creation sings Your praise

While I love serving in our children’s ministry classrooms with kindergarteners, I believe God gave me a gift of worship and music. I have been neglecting that gift this past year as I stepped away from the music team. So while I’m not sure if and when I should return to the music team, I have created time and space to pick up my guitar and start singing again during my personal worship time.

So if you’ve not had a chance to check out “Holy (Song of the Ages),” make sure you check out this YouTube video below.

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