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One of the things I really admire about our church is that our pastor has a vision to build a sustainable church that focuses on the next generation. That means that our worship music has evolved similar to how Hillsong is transforming. Their music has really evolved from Hillsong Worship to Hillsong United to Hillsong Young & Free.

A couple of worship songs that have naturally worked their way into the church include Alive and The Stand. Check ’em out below.

If you want to grab Hillsong Young & Free’s latest merchandise, there’s really not a lot out there. However, I found you a sweet Hillsong Young & Free T-Shirt and Snapback Cap.

Hillsong Young & Free T-Shirt

Our friends over at ForgeBandMerch.com are offering this Hillsong Young & Free t-shirt for $19.99.

Hillsong Young & Free - Forge Band Merch

This Hillsong Young & Free t-shirt by Forge Band Merch is available for $19.99.

Hillsong Young & Free Snapback Cap

Hillsong is offering this sweet Hillsong Young & Free snapback cap for $30.

Hillsong Young & Free Snapback Cap

Hillsong Young & Free Snapback Cap

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