Okay, let’s get one thing straight. I know most of these songs weren’t released in 2022, but they are songs that are resonating with me here in March.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I snuck (Disclaimer: My wife is on staff with our church) into an annual college ministry conference hosted by The Salt Network here in Des Moines, Iowa. Why wouldn’t you want to hang out with 4,000 college students from all over the country who are hungry and thirsty to know and follow Jesus? What was even sweeter this year is that our twin sons were attending their first Salt Company conference as Iowa State University students. It was fun to host them and a few of their friends for the weekend.

Available by Elevation Worship

One of the songs they played that resonated with my heart was Available by Elevation Worship. The lyrics are memorable and beautiful, as is Tiffany Hammer Hudon‘s voice.

Narrow as the road may seem
I’ll follow where Your spirit leads
Broken as my life may be
I will give You every piece
I hear You call
I am available
I say, “Yes, Lord
I am available”
Here I am with open hands
Counting on Your grace again
Less of me and more of You
Oh, I just wanna see You move


1,000 Names by Phil Wickham and Passion

Another song that the students really responded to is 1,000 Names, originally written by Phil Wickham, and popular with Passion. The bridge is SO good. It’s almost like a worship chant.

You are Rock of Ages
You’re the Great I Am
You are King forever
The beginning and the end
You are Lord and servant
You’re the Son of Man
You’re the Lion of Judah
You’re the risen Lamb
You’re the second Adam
Here to lead us home
You are Yahweh’s glory
Now revealed in flesh and bone
You are Ocean Parter
You will make a way
You are Death Defeater
You have risen from the grave
You are full of mercy
You are rich in love
You are Jesus, Messiah
The one true God


Promises by Maverick City Music

A few weeks ago, our church introduced Promises by Maverick City Music | TRIBL. One of my favorite parts is the bridge, which I was honored to be able to lead out at church that Sunday.

I put my faith in Jesus
My anchor to the ground
My hope and firm foundation
He’ll never let me down


That’s the Power by Hillsong Worship

A couple of weeks ago, I was out running errands and saw that Hillsong Worship released That’s the Power led by Benjamin Hastings, who has such a distinct and amazing tone to his voice. I instantly loved this song. The chorus is so worshipful.

‘Cause that’s the power of Your name
Just a mention makes a way
Giants fall and strongholds break and there is healing
And that’s the power that I claim
It’s the same that rolled the grave
And there’s no power like the mighty name of Jesus


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