Disclaimer: Not all of these songs were released in 2020. Can we still be friends? Awesome.

Worship music is one of the best ways for me to connect with Jesus. It’s been something that has been near and dear to me as a volunteer worship leader over the past 15 years. While I’m currently taking a much needed rest from leading worship, here are some of my favorite songs that my church introduced this year that we sing regularly during our worship services.

Earlier this year, my wife and I had the opportunity and blessing to be able to attend the Linger Conference in Dallas, Texas. It was a great time of worship and to recharge my batteries. I did a lot of soul searching and ask God’s will for my life during that conference. There were some incredible pastors who spoke and wonderful musicians who led us in worship. At the very end of my list you’ll see a couple of songs by Shane and Shane. Psalm 8 and Psalm 90 were two of my favorite songs from that conference and needed to be shared.

“Stand In Your Love” is a great song for 2020 as there are so many things in this world trying to steal my joy. Check out this first verse and the beginning of the chorus.

When darkness tries to roll over my bones
When sorrow comes to steal the joy I own
When brokenness and pain is all I know
I won’t be shaken, no, I won’t be shaken
‘Cause my fear doesn’t stand a chance
When I stand in Your love…

“Graves Into Gardens” is another great song for 2020. The world disappointed us but only Jesus could put us back together.

I searched the world
But it couldn’t fill me
Man’s empty praise and treasures that fade
Are never enough
Then You came along
And put me back together
And every desire is now satisfied
Here in Your love

Are you starting to see a trend in the lyrics yet? hehe. Check out the first verse and chorus of “There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do.”

Oh, just one word, You calm the storm that surrounds me
Just one word, the darkness has to retreat
Oh, just one touch, I feel the presence of heaven
Just one touch, my eyes were opened to see
My heart can’t help but believe
There’s nothing that our God can’t do
There’s not a mountain that He can’t move
Oh, praise the name that makes a way
There’s nothing that our God can’t do

“Way Maker” makes me cry nearly every time I sing it. I don’t know why it resonates with my soul so much but it touches my heart so much.

You are
Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper
Light in the darkness
My God, that is who You are

“Another In The Fire” was the last song I led this year before hanging up my guitar. I love the reminder that God is always with me through the good and bad times. I especially love the bridge of this song.

And I can see the light in the darkness
As the darkness bows to Him
I can hear the roar in the heavens
As the space between wears thin
I can feel the ground shake beneath us
As the prison walls cave in
Nothing stands between us
Nothing stands between

“See A Victory” is another 2020 song that I love to claim to because the war is already won by Jesus dying on the cross to save us all from our sins.

The weapon may be formed but it won’t prosper
When the darkness falls it won’t prevail
Cause the God I serve knows only how to triumph
My God will never fail
My God will never fail
I’m gonna see a victory
I’m gonna see a victory
For the battle belongs to You Lord

“Gone” is such a catchy worship song that sticks with you. It’s an anthem declaring Jesus’ victory over sin…just like “See A Victory.”

Gone Gone
Now my sin is dead and gone
And I sing hallelujah
Done done
He is risen it is done
And I sing hallelujah

Our church goes bonkers every time we play “Glorious Day.” It’s another celebration song in Jesus saving us and working in our lives. I always seem to struggle to strum, sing and dance all at the same time during this song.

You called my name
Then I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness
Into Your glorious day
You called my name
And I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness
Into Your glorious day

How can you not love a song like “Psalm 90” that is rooted from the Bible? Shane and Shane wrote this song right before the Linger Conference earlier this year and it became an anthem for us attendees.

You have been our Dwelling Place, oh Everlasting God
Before you formed the mountaintops, You were the Holy God 
And soon our lives turn back to dust

When the sun comes up
Satisfy us
Before the day has passed us by
Before our hearts forget all your goodness
Satisfy us with Your love

“Psalm 8” is so beautiful and worshipful. It’s that simple…

Oh lord our lord
Oh how awesome are your ways
How majestic is your name in all the earth
Oh lord our lord
May we see your kingdom come
Father may your will be done in all the earth

What are your favorite worship songs from 2020?

Hit us up in the comments section below with some of your favorite songs from this past year.


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