This pink "Death Metal" t-shirt is available at Goodie Two Sleeves (ShopGoodie.com) for $21.95. Enjoy!

This pink “Death Metal” t-shirt is available at Goodie Two Sleeves (ShopGoodie.com) for $21.95. Enjoy!

Last week, my family was on vacation in Southern California (San Diego / Carlsbad) having some great family time and enjoying the sun. (It was a long winter in Iowa…although I got a lot of respect for the folks in Boston, MA).

My wife loves the beach. Now you know.

That means we spent several days at the beach building some sweet sand castles, playing sand soccer, body surfing and more.  Early in the week, we hit up Moonlight State Beach (Encinitas, CA), which was teeming with a lot of college students off for spring break. Naturally a small group of college folks formed a circle and started volleying a volleyball back and forth.

That’s when I saw this hilarious t-shirt, which I stumbled across tonight at Goodie Two Sleeves or ShopGoodie.com.  Maybe you already know about Goodie Two Sleeves (if so, thanks for telling me!) but if you’ve never seen their site, it’s worth a visit. Thought I would share some t-shirt goodness with you tonight.

Grace and peace,

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