If you’ve been following my Twitter or Facebook feeds, then you’ve probably figured out by now that I love most Minnesota sports teams. Through thick and thin, I cheer on my teams. So I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite Minnesota t-shirts.

Since we are at the start of the NFL 2013-2014 football season, I have to start with my beloved Minnesota Vikings.

Adrian Peterson T-Shirt

After rushing for nearly 2,100 yards last year, the Vikings star running back, All Day Adrian Peterson, is one of my favorite players. Plus he’s just a nice guy. Follow him on twitter and see for yourself: https://twitter.com/AdrianPeterson

All Day Adrian Peterson T-Shirt

This “All Day Adrian (Peterson)” t-shirt is sold by Nike for $28.

Jared Allen T-Shirt

Another great Vikings player is defensive end, Jared Allen, who at the time of this blog post has recorded 118 quarterback sacks. What I love about him is he never quits and he is who he is.

Jared Allen Evolution T-Shirt

This Evolution t-shirt can be purchased on JaredAllen69Inc.com for only $15.

Kevin Love T-Shirt

I know there aren’t a ton of NBA fans out there much less Minnesota Timberwolves fans, but I am one of them. And Kevin Love is one of my favorite players.

Kevin Love T-Shirt

You can grab this great Kevin Love t-shirt from NBA.com for $24

Ricky Rubio T-Shirt

Equally exciting to watch is Ricky Rubio, the Timberwolves star PG originally from Spain. This 22 year-old could probably run with John Stockton.

Ricky Rubio T-Shirt

This half-wolf, half-Rubio t-shirt can be purchased on NBA.com for $24

The Minnesota Twins T-Shirt

Last but not least, (okay they might be last) are the Minnesota Twins. They’re down on their luck a bit this season, but after taking in a game at Target Field, you can’t help but fall in love with this baseball team.

Minnesota Twins T-Shirt

This Minnesota Twins logo t-shirt was produced by Nike and can be purchased for $28 on MLB.com


And in case you’re wondering, no I’m not getting any commission off of highlighting these t-shirts. 🙂

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