If you’ve ever read my BaldTees.com blog, you’ll know that I am a huge Howie Mandel and America’s Got Talent fan. Watching that show is one of my family’s favorite pastimes and since I’m bald, I’m naturally love watching and supporting Howie Mandel.

Awkward transition.

Here’s the deal. I hope you had an amazing Easter and that you radically encountered Jesus for the first time of the millionth time this weekend. I pray that you took time to reflect on what Jesus did for you. For me. For the world. He lived a perfect life and died a brutal death on the cross to take our sins to the grave. But the best news is that He rose from the grave and made those who believe and follow Him righteous and holy. Now we have the hope of eternity as a result of his resurrection.

If a relationship with Jesus is a foreign idea to you, I would highly implore you to watch my church’s Easter service below. It’s one of the best narrated stories of Jesus I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched this at least 5 times and it amazes me each time…so much I think this could potentially win America’s Got Talent. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t created and produced to win accolades and praise from man…it’s 100% dedicated to bring God glory and honor.

I hope you enjoy it!

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