Since I moved to working remotely full-time, I have been making some investments to help me comfortably work from my “home office”. One of my recent purchases was installing a mesh system to help push our WiFi to all areas of our house. Since I’m competing with my son who has a gaming PC, I need as much bandwidth as I can get for Zoom meetings.

Setting up the mesh system was easy but when it came to naming the WiFi network for our house, I paused. This is a chance to name my WiFi network something clever, funny or meaningful. Several years ago, I named my WiFi network after my church because I thought it would be a passive way of marketing my church to the 3-4 neighbors who were within range (as opposed to actually having a conversation with them about their faith beliefs).

Earlier in the year, I had to set-up a WiFi network for my in-laws, who moved temporarily into an apartment complex. I went with the classic “Jesus Loves You”, which my mother-in-law fully endorsed.

Conducting a quick search for “Funny Christian WiFi Names” I stumbled onto a goldmine of ideas. Here are a few that I thought were pretty funny and creative.

  • The Promised LAN
  • Routing Thomas
  • Called to Server
  • You Shalt Not Covet Your Neighbors WiFi
  • LAN does not live on bread alone
  • Phishers of Men

Then I started thinking of my own ideas…

  • Modem and Gomorrah (You got to admit this one is pretty awesome)
  • LAN of Sorrows
  • Enter through the narrow gateway
  • Cain and Cable
  • Psalm 802.11
  • LTE of the World
  • LANmentations (Contribution by my friend Trevor)

So what Christian WiFi network name did I choose? None of the above. I just settled on “Lighten Up Gear” for the WiFi name. Don’t ask me for the password.

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