The other day, my mom suggested that I create a line of Christian face masks. While I appreciate the free advice, I shut down the idea in my head immediately because I felt like I missed my window of opportunity to create something meaningful customers would want to wear. After all, we’re approximately 7 months into this pandemic, and people have multiple face masks at this point. (For the record, I purchased Minnesota United FC face masks because my first instinct was to rep my favorite MLS soccer team.)

Out of curiosity, I looked around at my options in purchasing a Christian face mask and naturally I found some interesting ones.

One of the first ones I found was a “Ask me about Jesus” face mask. I live in Iowa and we’re generally pretty friendly, but this pandemic has quite frankly altered the way we interact with one another. I find that we treat each other like lepers; we’re talking pre-Jesus Old Testament times in which leprosy was considered a curse from God attributed to a sin and those lepers were more or less ostracized from society. In Iowa, we definitely give one another plenty of space while trying to avoid eye contact at all costs. Getting someone to look at you is the first big hurdle followed by actually getting them to ask you about Jesus. Good try though.

I also spotted some Christian face masks that only had the scripture reference on them…not the actual words. While people who don’t follow Jesus may generally recognize what John 3:16 is all about, they might struggle more with Acts 18:10 or Proverbs 3:5 unless they were a scholar at Awana growing up. If I were going to make a mask like this, I’d use something like John 11:35 so that when people asked me what my mask meant, all I would need to say is “Jesus wept.” Or I might go with the story about Elisha from 2 Kings 2:23-25 in which he is taunted by some children calling him “baldy”…since I’m bald. You’ll have to look up the scripture to see how the rest of the story unfolds.

I can’t speak for you, but I’ve worn my Minnesota United FC face masks upside down a couple of times. And that’s my biggest concern about buying a face mask featuring a cross. With my luck, I’d put my cross face mask on upside down and walk into my local Hy-Vee wondering why so many passive-aggressive Iowans are glaring at me (the ones who actually make eye contact).

I do think it would be funny to have a face mask that says “Smile!” because quite honestly, it’s quite difficult to know whether or not someone is smiling at you any more. However, a nice benefit of face masks is if you suffer from halitosis, I’m guessing face masks help cover that up.

Let me end this blog post with a joke about bad breath. Ready?

When Moses came down the mountain, he noticed his followers had bad breath. So he gave them the Ten Commandmints.

Yes, I realize this blog post took a turn for the worst, but thanks for reading anyway.

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