All Sons & Daughters

David Leonard and Leslie Jordan of All Sons & Daughters lead worship at Walnut Creek Church.

I love All Sons & Daughters.

(I just realized that if you don’t know the musicians All Sons & Daughters, then you must think I’m some sort of nut job.)

But seriously, if you’ve never heard of this band, please click on the link above and visit their website. All Sons & Daughters is my go-to music when I fly as I have…ahem…airplane anxiety. As a result, I throw my headphones on as soon as I can and listen to the “Live” album for most of the flight.

Or check out this video below of All Sons & Daughters performing “Wake Up” at the RELEVANT Magazine studio.

Side Note: My other go-to album is “Live at the Banks House” by the United Pursuit Band. You should also check out that album. Seriously.

A couple of months ago, I was boarding a flight and simultaneously scrolling through all of my “friends” mostly meaningless Facebook posts. When I got to my seat, there was a post by Walnut Creek Church here in Des Moines that caught my attention.

All Sons & Daughters
Walnut Creek Church
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (CDT)
Des Moines, IA

The race was on.  I quickly saw that the plane was filling up and the flight attendants were about to shut the doors…so I immediately pulled out my credit card and ordered 2 tickets.  Normally I’d check with my wife if we had plans, but All Sons & Daughters had been on my bucket list for a long time.  Pretty much I’d be willing to cancel 97% of our plans to see this band.

Fast forward to March 11th. After a wonderful dinner, my wife and I found our seats at Walnut Creek Church and settled in for a great night of worship. Admittedly concerts like this are like high school reunions for us as we ran into so many friends from a variety of churches in the area. That’s a good thing.  As I scanned the space, I realized that there were communion stations and places to pray and journal. Awesome idea!

As the lights dimmed and music faded, David Leonard, Leslie Jordan of All Sons & Daughters took the stage with Jamie George, their pastor at Journey Church in Franklin, TN.  Jamie is a wonderful storyteller and is also an author of a book entitled ‘Love Well’, which will release in August 2014. Jamie was able to bring stories from the Bible to life and was amazingly engaging.

While I didn’t write down the setlist for the night, I vividly remember the band starting with “Oh How I Need You” and playing a lot of my favorite songs including “Rising Sun,” “God With Us,” and “All the Poor and Powerless.” The highlight of the night was singing “Great Are You Lord” which is one of my favorite songs we sing at my home church.

If I were going to criticize the band, it would be because they didn’t sing my favorite song…”Wake Up.” Leonard started playing the introduction of the song while Leslie lead us through a beautiful reading from Psalms but they transitioned into “All the Poor and Powerless.”

I didn’t want the night to end and I could sit and listen to All Sons & Daughters play night after night. I hope they are a staple in the Christian music industry for a long, long time.

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